How can I contact Asiawego?
To contact us directly, please use the contact form below. The support form can also be used to cancel your bookings and download vouchers. To view the list of your bookings, log into the system. We do not publish phone numbers or email addresses because we get a lot of spam calls/emails. We have decided to automate the process to give more attention to customers in need.
Important! If you are currently experiencing an issue during the trip (e.g. you are not picked up by the driver, you have missed your ferry etc.), the best way to try to solve it is to call the telephone numbers provided in your voucher.
When each ticket is confirmed, a voucher is sent to the customer. It includes contact information for the booking. In each particular case, it is different: it can be our office, your driver’s number, or a ferry company call center. We give contacts that will provide the best help in the given situation.

How do I cancel my ticket?
To cancel your ticket, click “Booking Status” Enter your booking number and email and click on “I want to cancel my ticket”. You'll be offered an option to cancel the ticket if the cancellation is possible. Each operator has their own cancellation rules which are displayed during the booking process. Click on the “Cancellation” tab at checkout to see them.
 How do I change the trip date?
Please see the conditions that come with your particular ticket. If the operator's conditions are met, we are happy to help. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to change your ticket, usually for a small fee. Some operators allow changing the trip date right through our system; in other cases, you may need to contact us. There are operators, though, who treat changing of the date as a cancellation and purchasing a new ticket; it can be costly. There is a "flexible" option available at checkout for some bookings which serves as a date/cancellation insurance. With this option included, we will change or cancel your ticket in any case (provided there are seats available for the new date).
Do I have to print out anything?
Unfortunately, the answer is usually yes. The first page of the PDF voucher is required by the majority of the
bus, car rental, ferry and things to do operators.
How much luggage can I bring with me?
Your luggage should be reasonable. Avoid high weights and volumes. A backpack/suitcase and some hand-carry are fine, a sofa, washing machine or fridge does not fit on the bus or is too heavy. In case you plan to travel in a minibus with more luggage you can keep on your knees or under your seat in a minivan you have to book an additional seat for your bags.
Is my seat guaranteed?
Yes, it is. You will have 'a seat' on the trip you booked as soon as you get your confirmation voucher. The voucher you received shows your booking number and the seat number. Your seat number is guaranteed unless the bus operator changes the seating in last minute to accommodate a lady/child/monk/handicapped person. If you were able to pick a seat during the booking process you will get it, unless something happened during your booking. In such a case the seat number is taken automatically by the system and you will receive the best seats available at that point. So the seats are guaranteed, the seat numbers are not!
How do I get to the boarding point?
Please take a look at the PDF file sent to you after successful payment. It shows the address of the boarding point in English, a picture of the counter and a map with the exact location.If you are not familiar with the location or you find it difficult to get there you might show the ticket to a taxi driver or ask the staff at the front desk of your hotel to organize transfer to the boarding point.
Why don't you have child fare options on your website?
We offer tickets for more than 250 operators with over 100,000 daily departures. Almost every operator has a different understanding of how child-fares are defined. No system can reflect this diversity, so please contact us to find out the exact price for your kids on the route you want to travel.
Can I buy a return ticket?
Yes, you can easily book the return trip when you book the first trip. Just click the box and select your connection.
Can I book the ticket from anywhere?
Yes, you can. As long as you have access to the internet you can book from mobile or desktop and pay from every country by credit card.
 How should I handle my valuables?
While we deal only with official bus operator that are obliged to guarantee your safety, it is good practice to not put your valuables in the luggage. In our years of experience, we found that when things got missing it was never caused by our operators, but by fellow passengers. Things you store under your seat might be in reach of the person sitting behind you. Watch out.
Is there a discount for children?
This depends on the operator. In general, you can reckon that infants below 3 years of age travel for free if they can share a seat with an adult. Depending on the age and the height of children there might be a (slightly) reduced fare. Contact our support for more details.
How many seats are left on the trip I want to take?
After you have selected the trip you see the available seats above the green button. This is the maximum number of seats available for buses.
Can I bring my pet with me?
Yes, but... most of the operators do not allow animals on board. We have a reliable minivan partner who is very pet-friendly and will allow your 4-legged friend on board, without a cage or anything that would make the trip a torture for your pet. This applies to standard pets that do not need more space than a human would need. Please understand that farm animals, reptiles, and dangerous or protected species are excluded.
 How are bus tickets delivered?
Bus tickets are e-tickets. You will receive your booking number on the voucher by email. Please print the first page of the voucher and show it to the bus operator.
Are the bus tickets e-tickets?
Yes, in general, bus tickets are e-tickets. After a successful booking, you will receive a booking confirmation immediately by email. The booking number you have to show to the bus operator. It helps to print the PDF file and show it to the employees/driver. For some operators passengers are required to furnish the following at the time of boarding the bus: a copy of the ticket (a print out of the ticket or the print out of the ticket e-mail) and proof of identity (Domestic Smart ID Card, Driving license, Student ID card, Company ID card, Passport, etc.).Failing to do so may cause the passenger not being allowed for boarding.
Do I get free food, drinks, and blankets? Are there stops on the way? Is there a toilet in the bus?
Some operators provide different kinds of amenities, especially on long routes. We do not know what will be provided on your specific trip. On long routes, there will be stops. Some operators have a long break at around the middle of the way, some stop every few hours. Some provide free food in a restaurant on the way. Most buses are equipped with toilets.

I want to know how the seats on the bus look like
Please take a look at the picture on the booking page. It will show you the vehicle you can expect to travel with. It may happen that due to technical problems the operator will have to change the bus type. In such case please take pictures and send them to us and we will refund the price for a different class.
Will the bus wait for me at a border crossing?
Buses have to follow their schedule. If you do not have a proper visa in your passport, if you lost your passport on the way, if you spend too much time in the restroom, if you don't have local currency to pay for your visa on arrival, if you get detained by customs or if anything else happens that causes a delay, you can expect the bus to be gone when you get through immigration. Don't waste any time, the bus will leave you behind. It is written in the bus operator's policy. They will take your luggage and keep it at the final destination until you come to pick it up.
Will my bus stop during the trip? How many stops will be on the way?
That depends on the bus class and the route. On some routes there are no stops, on others there are stops to visit the rest areas, on some routes the driver will pick up and drop off passengers (especially on long weekends or holidays, when the operators are forced to pick up passengers by government rules which could cause a delay in the schedule). Express buses stop more often than VIP buses. We simply do not know how many times your bus will stop. We recommend booking VIP class buses.
Please read the trip information for every trip. If we have the information on the number of stops, we will put it in the information section.

Will the bus depart on time?
Yes, most probably it will. Unless there are unforeseen complications.
Do I have to change buses?
The trip you booked is usually one vehicle only. If you booked two journeys with different operators you will have to change the bus and maybe even take a taxi to another bus station. This is shown when you book your ticket. The taxi times given in the system are calculated by distance on an average speed of 30 kilometers per hour. Please keep in mind that you have to find a taxi and that during rush hours the taxi may take longer the whole way through.
Will my bus arrive on time?
No, most probably you will arrive ahead of schedule or a little late. Transit times depend on traffic conditions, weather, driver's experience and many other factors. We try to give the times as accurate as possible, but there is no guarantee you will exactly arrive on the time mentioned.
I am traveling with children – how can I book bus tickets for them?
This depends on the bus operator. In general, you can reckon that infants below 3 years of age travel for free if they can share a seat with an adult. Please contact us with travel date, route, operator and age/height of your kids and we will find out for you.
Can I receive a refund for my ticket?
It depends on many factors. Some operators allow refunds, while others don't. There is a deadline for refunds if they are possible.
When making a booking, please check the cancellation rules for each operator/trip by clicking on "Cancellation" tab during the checkout.
After you've made your booking, you can check the available refund options on our support form below. Click on "Open support case", enter your booking ID and your email address and choose the option "I want to cancel this trip"

 How can I pay? How does it work with the payment?
You can pay with your credit card. Enter the details of your card, it is quite easy. After successful payment, you will instantly receive an email confirmation.
I have paid more than it is shown on your invoice (Bank fees)
Your invoice shows the ticket price and online booking fees. Depending on the payment gateway there are bank charges. These have nothing to do with
Asiawego or your ticket, they come with the payment process. They cannot be refunded unless we were not able to provide the ticket you asked for.
I don't see the refund on my account
If you paid through Omise (i.e. using your bank card), it may take up to 45 days for the refund to reach your account. Please note that many banks will not notify you when a refund reaches your account. Please check directly with the bank to make sure you have received it. If a full refund was sent to you less than 24 hours after the initial payment, no transaction will occur in the first place and no funds will be taken from your account at all. Probably, you will not be notified of the refund by your bank.
How to make an extra payment
Sometimes you need to make an extra payment for a checked bag for your flight or for a date change. In this case, our team will send you a payment link.
To make the payment, simply follow the link, choose the method that suits you and proceeds with the payment. We will be notified by the system that you have made the payment, however, we would appreciate it if you also send us an email with the payment.
Please note that each payment link has an expiration date.

I did not get my ticket
The tickets are sent to your email address when they are confirmed by the operator. In some cases, it happens instantly. In others, it takes time.
If you do not get any confirmation email after completing your booking, please do the following:
  • Check that your route has a badge that reads "Instant". If it does not, the confirmation will be made later;
  • Check your spam folder;
  • Check if you have received the payment confirmation to your email. If you have not, it is possible that the booking was not made at all;
  • Check if you have provided the correct email address.
Sending out the tickets is an automated process. If you think you might have made a mistake in your email address, please let us know by opening a support case.
 I cannot pay or have canceled/failed payment
  • Update your browser. It could be that you use an out-dated browser or operating system that is not supported anymore. You can simply try a different device (PC, laptop, mobile phone, tab) or switch to a different browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.). Do not use proxy servers or VPNs.
  • Call your bank. Banks which we cooperated have a strange way to check the validity of credit cards. They deduct (1 US$) from your card and refund it immediately. Two transactions from an Asian country in such short time are considered suspicious by some western banks and payment gateways, so for safety reasons, your card gets automatically blocked for online payments in bank region. This is inconvenient, but it is for your safety. A call to your local bank can usually fix the issue.       
 I made a mistake with my email address
  • If you registered with an incorrect email address we cannot contact you. In the best case, we will get a notification and the mistake is so obvious (like gnail instead of Gmail,, or petre instead of Peter) that we can correct it and send you your payment confirmation and vouchers. If you try to log into your travel account on the website you simply need to 'reset password' and you will receive a password that allows you to log in again.
  • If we cannot figure out your correct email address we will try to reach you by SMS. Please make sure that you have entered the correct number with the right country code.
    If we do not get a notification that our mail to you bounced back you need to contact us via the support function on top of the website.
 The ticket is not bookable - why not?
If you see a connection, but there is no green button to pay for it, then the connection is not available. This could have different reasons: a fully booked bus, the operator canceled the trip, the operator changed the schedule, you are trying to book too early or too late - you name it. If it is not bookable there is nothing you can do about it. Please pick a different connection.
I haven't received the refund yet
  • Why is there still no refund in my account after 45 days?
  • Some banks do not inform their customers about a received refund. In 99% of cases, the refund is already in your account, you just haven't been notified by your bank. Please check with them.
  • In case you are 100% positive that after 45 days after the notification you still have not refund at your account, please contact our support by using our support form.
 Can you inform the operator that I am stuck in traffic / running 30 minutes late / ask to wait for me?
 No, we cannot. The operator might wait a minute or there might be a delay, but in general, operators do not wait. If you are running late it is your problem. We suggest arriving at least 30 minutes before departure at the bus stations and at least one hour before departure at the train stations. The airlines give clear instructions on how long before the departure time their check-in counter will close. Please don't be late.
I lost my booking confirmation. What can I do now?
You may fetch it from your email or by logging into the website using the login and password sent to your email.
I cannot find a connection in your system
If you cannot find a connection, check your spelling. If you still cannot find it we do not have it in our database. Try another location instead.
The system says 'this departure is full'. What does this mean?
You are too late. All seats on this route have been sold already. Try another time/day/mode of transport. It could also mean that the bus operator has manually reduced the available seats down to zero because they are sure they will be able to fill their bus with walk-in customers. You might be lucky to still get a ticket at the operator's counter at the bus station.
I missed my bus. What can I do?
That's really bad luck for you. Your ticket cannot be refunded.
My luggage was damaged during the trip. What can I do?
Asiawego's responsibilities do not include the baggage of the customer getting lost, stolen or damaged. Please contact the bus operator directly. And do that as soon as possible. If you talk to them a few days after you traveled they might not be able to help anymore.