About Us

Asiawego was launched in 2015 and it was started with the objective of making tickets booking online website such as Bus, Minivan, Ferry, Car rental and any attractive Things to do/see based in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam & Laos. 
Asiawego works closely with local transportation operators and travel agents that allows them to distributor their services with Asiawego hence they continuously provides productivities, competitive prices, and efficient services to need of customers. Asiawego eliminates the need for over-the-counter booking. Customers can easily search amongst the top transportation operators and all kinds of day tours for a particular route and compare the price, schedule, and other facilities, then purchase a ticket that suits them best. Customers can pay using credit and debit cards, a Wing account, or even cash on delivery.
Asiawego focuses solely, securing and selecting on transportation ticketing services such as Buses, Ferries, Cars rental and things to do/see. Asiawego takes pride in being accountable, reachable, safety and connected. Asiawego offers customers the widest set of select seats of bus popular destination and different schedule time selection. And we always strive to offer the most competitive price.